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New Favorites

Here is what I play the most right now.

Here is what I play the most right now.

1. Her Eyes, Pat Monahan

2. 1973, James Blunt

3. 1234, Feist

4. Undeniable, Mat Kearney

5. Save Room, John Legend

6. Last Dollar, Tim McGraw

7. Free and Easy, Dierks Bentley

From Debbie of Provo, UT


Current Favorites

This mix doesn't really have any sensible order. Just lots of my favorite music by lots of my favorite bands. Anyone ever heard of Within Temptation? I HIGHLY recommend them!! I can't list all their songs on my playlist, because I play ALL of them, but I'll list their current US single. :)

She and Him

Your New Favorite Springtime Album

I’ve been a fan of Zooey Deschanel for a long time. Hopefully you were as intrigued by her singing in Elf as I was, if so I would like to introduce you to your new favorite spring album: She & Him Vol. 2

Songs For Mom

In honor of Mother's Day, here is our pick of songs that remind us of our mamas and of our babes.

Spin Mix

I teach Spin at a local gym and I love music that gets me energized. I always ask people in class what music gets them pumped and here are a few my class and I enjoy.