New Exhibits at DC Smithsonian Museums

I run into people all the time who say they’ve seen all of the Smithsonian museums in DC and don’t ever need to go back.
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This is me telling those people, they NEED to give them a second look.

Exhibits are changing all the time. Nineteen exhibits have opened since January 1. A list of new exhibits is kept up by the Smithsonian here.

I’m no museum expert. But I love getting out of the house, people watching at the museums (it’s tourist season y’all) and every once in awhile I run across something previously unseen. There are literally hundreds of thousands of square feet of Smithsonian museums in DC– and no way to see it all on one or two casual visits.

If you plan to head to a museum with a toddler, let me offer a few pieces of advice. First, plan for temper tantrums. For some reason they won’t ever want to leave. Or go. Or walk around without Cheerios in hand. Secondly, bring the snacks (they’ll let you through security with them, you just can’t eat them on the museum floor). Thirdly, one or two museums max. Then it will be time to head to the park for a picnic and to run off some energy.

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New Smithsonian Exhibits

African Art Museum

American History Museum

American Indian Museum

American Art Gallery

Freer Gallery of Art

Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden

Portrait Gallery

Renwick Gallery

Sackler Gallery