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Mud Run Mommy

Last month, I completed my first mud run with The National Mudrunner’s Association held in Forney, TX.
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I’ve always wanted to do it.  When I saw the 5k obstacle mud run offered through one of the discounted sites, I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance.

I got a bit of advice from two of my friends who’ve completed these in the past. Among those that I took to heart were closing my mouth through the obstacle course (to avoid swallowing mud), putting my hair up (I put mine in a bun), and double tying my shoes.

Despite this, I was still unprepared for the morning mud run. Maybe it was my imagination, but most participants looked fierce and competitive. There I was with a three year old strapped to my hip and worrisome that there were nearby horses and that the morning air had a definite farm stench. Though the announcer had stated that we were there to help each other through each obstacle course, that didn’t calm my jitters or the fact that I was one of few who didn’t have duct tape binding their shoes to their feet.

As I looked down at the obstacle course from the starting point, I was terrified.  I was leery that a zip line (I opted to do 20 burpees instead) and 6ft of water (I can’t swim!) would be part of the obstacle course. My mantra was “take it slow” and scream (haha!) when possible to quell my fears.It was tough, but after the running part was done, I knew I was more than half way done. For someone who is terrified of heights, I pretty much kicked arse. I slid down a hill and climbed over most obstacles. Part of it was my strong fear of falling. It was solidified when I saw grown men fall flat on their backs.

Despite this, it was endearing to me that men and women cheered each other on. In fact, I had one lady help me out of one of the mud pits. There definitely was a sense of camaraderie – just like the announcer had encouraged.

Once I saw that Finish Line, I couldn’t help but flash a big smile and run as fast I could. I was so relieved and made sure to collect that hard earned medal.

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I will never forget the faces of my family as they cautiously approached me. They absolutely looked disgusted with my appearance. Yes, I was covered in mud from head to toe. I LOVED it!

I can now say I’m Mud Run Mommy.

A few tips worth passing along are these: put your hair in a bun (you won’t have to deal with your crusty ponytail), double tie your shoes, take it slow (some went fast throug the mud which caused them to lose their shoes within the first few seconds of the mud run). In addition, I recommend bringing:  a second set of clothes to change into, a bag to put your shoes in and a towel for your car seats for the drive home. Most of all, be cautious and safe.

The National Mudrunner’s Association will be sponsoring another Mud Run in the DFW area on October 20th entitled the Halloween Hustle. Please click here for more information.

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My Cautious Family Didn't Want To Get Near Me Post-Race As I Was Covered in Crusty Mud

– Cool Playground Mommy


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