Mr. Rogers Factory Videos

Mr. Rogers factory videos aren't gone! They're sitting over at PBS, waiting for us to watch them with our kids. (The crayons are still the best.)

Mr. Rogers was my second favorite character on TV (behind Grover) when I was growing up, and several months ago I found the old "How People Make Things" factory videos on the PBS website. My boys LOVE them!


During the Sneakers video, I spent five minutes of circular conversation trying to explain to my kids that sneakers are shoes. Maybe this is a regional term.

By the way, have you seen Autotune Mr. Rogers? It will make you smile all day.

Happy Family:

All-American Soap Box Derby for the Family

Teaching Kids How to Play Chess

Personal Theme Song


Friday Video Break

In the interest of day dreaming, wasting time, itching to get outside, and overall being DONE with this week, here are four videos to get you through the next half hour.


Brenda Rogers Ph.D.

Brenda started a non-profit organization that gives parents a voice in the special education process, hopefully before their children are too damaged by the educational bureaucracy.