Money Goal??

Money Goal??
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We all have goals in life, whether it be getting a college degree, finding that dream job, getting married, having kids, owning a business and so on. What about a MONEY GOAL? Our goal isn’t money, because money is paper and money doesn’t grow on trees (even though that would be SOOO nice). So what kind of money goal should we set?

My husband and I would like to move out of the city and back to country life. We bought a nice home on our year anniversary and have remodeled the entire thing. We sat down a few months back and decided that in 5 years we would be out of here, and we we would save as much as we could to buy property and build my dream home. (I told him I’d move anywhere he wants as long as he built me my home). Let’s go over some simple steps to reach your money goal.

1.Sit down with your partner and write down what your financial goals are. Some might be different.

2.Have a feasible time table on those goals. EX: 4-6 months pay off two credit cards. NOT -One month to get out of credit card debt.

3.Sit down either each payday or once a month to make sure you’re still on track with your money goals.

4.Set aside a certain amount of money to a Savings account that is NOT tied to a checking account. Have it at a different Credit Union & set up an Auto transfer so it comes right out of your check.

Work together in this, not apart. Be honest with each other and be realistic , if its not working out talk about it. Hiding your frustrations with money or hiding money will not help in your end result.

We all can achieve the goals we want, we just have to physically see the goal we want to achieve!