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Minion Crochet Hat Pattern

We're slightly obsessed with minions at our house. My daughter is having her birthday early so girl friends and cousins can join us at the preview of Despicable Me 2 today.

If it weren't 105+ degrees, I may have whipped up a Minion Crochet Hat or two for the occasion. We've opted for finger puppets and a reincarnated "Twinkie" Minion cupcake.


You can find a darling and easy Minion Crochet Hat pattern on Craftsy Etsy by Lizzziee, in all sizes. Come Halloween, I'm guessing I'll have three hats finished up for my kiddos.

How far does your movie mania take you?

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 Note: The author of the pattern has moved it to Etsy. Links have been updated.


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Minion Crochet Hat Pattern

We’re slightly obsessed with minions at our house.

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