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Living On the Dance Floor – Dance Moms TV Show

“Living on the dance floor” has been on repeat in my head these past few weeks.
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It’s the catchy theme song to the hit Lifetime show, Dance Moms.

It centers around dance teacher, Abby, and her group of company dancers (under the age of 15). At the start of each episode, you’ll see Abby place the girls’ picture in a pyramid formation (from least to best performer based on the previous dance competition). The moms are very vocal and opinionated with Abby’s way of teaching. The best dancer, Madi, seems to be the center of the controversy as she gets more one on one with Abby during dance privates which angers the other moms. It makes matters worse that Madi’s mom seems to have a personal friendship with Abby.

There’s no doubt that the girls are talented dancers. What I don’t get is why Abby lets these moms talk to her in such a belittling manner and vice versa. Obviously, Abby is a wonderful teacher though her standard of teaching is questionable. She is found to berate physical characteristics and can’t seem to separate her bitterness towards the moms and the students. But, isn’t that what the producers are looking for? Drama – to raise ratings.

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It’s a fun show to watch if you don’t take it too seriously.

– Cool Playground Mommy


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