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Life Lessons and Potty Talk with Shrek the Musical

Life Lessons and Potty Talk with Shrek the Musical
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Tonight I treated my daughters to some life lessons, potty talk, and more short jokes than a jockey could hurdle over, via Shrek the Musical, now playing at the Civic Theater through July 10th. Though most of the jokes went WAY over their heads and the show ran too long for their under-five-year-old attention spans, they absolutely adored the show, “especially the fart song,” according to Lily, my four year old.

Yes, the fart jokes are aplenty in this musical theatre version of the 2001 Dreamworks hit movie with the same name.

But I wasn’t bummed about it. I think I laughed louder than the kids during some of the toot jokes.

Shrek, played by a loveable Eric Petersen, wins the hearts of young and old with his humility and charm. I absolutely fell in love with the green ogre tonight just as I did ten years ago. There is just such an endearing quality to the character, despite his ogrish looks and green hue, which really goes to show that beauty is only skin deep.

Haven Burton (Princess Fiona) is absolutely darling, yet equally saucy and crass when she needs to be, she certainly holds her own next to Shrek, which is no small feat. No one has ever made passing gas look so charming. On the way home from the show, my kids couldn’t stop talking about the duet between Princess Fiona and Shrek called, “I think I got you beat.” I thought I was “close” to my husband, but dang, Fiona & Shrek share some pretty gas-filled intimate moments. And the raunchy humor is not just for the young kids. Like I said above, I definitely laughed louder than the kids at a few points during the show.

It was hard not to love the donkey side kick, played by Alan Mingo Jr, though I must admit that I was secretly hoping Eddie Murphy was going to make a special appearance at some point during the night.

Prince Farquaad, played by David F. M. Vaughn, was another highlight of the evening for me. I cracked up every time he moved anywhere on stage with his fake little dangling legs attached to him. I’m sure my kids were wondering what the heck I was laughing at so hysterically. The entire supporting cast was superb, in fact. Particularly the Patti LaBelle double who played the diva dragon.

I wouldn’t call this my favorite musical ever, but if you have a hankering for the theatre and have little kiddos who enjoy theatricalities, I highly recommend this show. I am so excited that “family friendly” musicals exist now so that I am able to expose my kids the world of musical theater without it being a death toll like Les Mis (I loved the ode to Les Mis in this production of Shrek, by the way. My kids didn’t get it, but I did).

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I was given complimentary tickets to see this performance of Shrek the Musical. Nevertheless, these opinions are my own and the free tix did not influence my post.


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