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Ladies Who Launch

Ladies Who Launch serves as a multi-faceted education model and lifestyle network, proven to be an essential tool for new business success. The organization provides an innovative platform for female entrepreneurs and women in business that combines information, community, style, fun and passion. Ladies Who Launch also produces in-depth case studies on female entrepreneurs and their businesses. Through its website, entrepreneurial tools and programs, as well as events in different cities, Ladies Who Launch provides multiple forums for women entrepreneurs to connect with each other, share products and services, ideas, creativity and networking.
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Erin spent 9 years in the fashion world from modeling to designing to sales. She has lived and worked in Germany, Italy, India, China and NYC. After getting married a short time ago she moved back to her home state of Utah and recently became the Director of Ladies Who Launch in Salt Lake City. She is currently working on building her family and although, her child isn't born yet (due Sept.) she still considers herself a mama.

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There was a very tall pine tree to provide cover, along with a second cover, this one fashioned out of a paper grocery store bag. And there was surveillance. Okay, maybe surveillance is too strong of a word. Let’s just say that I was on the look out. Constantly. For my mother.

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Lady Gaga Drops Mic On Body Shamers With Perfect Response

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