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Kids Playlist: Our Top 10 Favorite Laurie Berkner Songs

This is equal parts a playlist for your kids and YOU.
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These Laurie Berkner songs are the stuff that your afternoon errands and your road trips with your little ones are made of. It's the stuff you'll sing along to (and the stuff that you won't curse when it gets stuck in your head.

We recently interview Laurie on the Today's Mama Podcast. We asked her how many songs she's written, she *thinks* it's close to 200, but we won't hold her to that number, let's just say it's A LOT (plus or minus 200).

Here's what Laurie had to say:

Don't be overwhelmed by the sheer volume, we've picked our favorites as a primer of sorts to get you started! Check it out:

  • Buzz Buzz
  • The Goldfish
  • We Are The Dinosaurs
  • Rum Sum Sum
  • Fireflies
  • All Through The Night
  • I Really Love to Dance
  • Monster Boogie
  • There's A Little Wheel Turnin' In My Heart
  • Victor Vito
  • The Ants Go Marching

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BONUS: Songs We Mentioned On The Podcast Interview

  • My Family (One of Laurie's favorites)
  • Bubble (One of Laurie's favorites)
  • Alouette (Evidence of her excellent french accent)

Full Podcast Interview

Here are all the places you can listen to our full podcast interview with Laurie:

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