Jeopardy! Online Test RSVP Now Open


You've waited all year.

The email pops in your inbox and a thrill of anticipation races through your body. It's time.

The Jeopardy Online Test is now open!

Jeopardy Online Test Registration is Open

Clear your calendars on Jan 8th, 9th or 10th!

You too could be the next contestant to be entered into a random pool of applicants who all scored well enough on the 50-question online test, who are then selected to audition in person by taking ANOTHER 50-question test with cameras rolling to see if you really can answer and signal in the same minute... whew!

Never mind that the median age of Jeopardy viewers is 65 plus! The world of recent retirees would rather watch you as a contestant that sit through CSPAN debates on the fiscal cliff (in case that actually happens makes the cameras).

Game shows are The Original Reality TV.

In your sheer excitement, don't forget that having 15 seconds to type just the answer (not a question) does not give you enough time to Google your way to a response.

So in my little dream world of having a reason to visit the Sony Picture Studios, I remind myself that it's still just a game.

What game show or reality show would you love to be on?

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