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Jazzy Mama Mix

These are a few of my all-time favorite jazz/smooth jazz songs. Enjoy!
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These are a few of my all-time favorite jazz/smooth jazz songs. Enjoy!

1. Lullaby Of Birdland, Mel Torme

2. Stardust, Nat King Cole

3. God Bless The Child, Billie Holiday

4. Take Five, Dave Brubeck

5. Chicago Song, David Sanborn

6. Don't Get Any Better, Tom Scott

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7. Mr. Chow, Acoustic Alchemy

8. Ricochet, Acoustic Alchemy

9. Love Dance, Diane Schuur

10. By Design, Diane Schuur

11. I'm An Errant Girl For Rhythum, Diana Krall

12. Hit That Jive Jack, Diana Krall

From Kaye C. of Layton, UT


Lullabye Mix

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Mom's Crazy Music mix

This mix is full of songs that make my one-year-old stop whatever he's doing and dance. These are also greats songs to use when working out. The beats range from running/jogging beats, to weight-lifting beats, all the way down to stretching beats. Enjoy!

Oh Baby, Baby Mix

These are all songs my infant daughter loves and dances to while running errands, hanging out in the house etc. Some are children's songs, and others are ones we've just discovered that she likes.

All Love Mix

February Love Mix - The Passionista

For every emotion that love can create, there are songs to express them all. This mix is filled with songs from some of my favorite artists.

Spring Break Mix

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Energy Burn Kids Mix

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Father's Day Mix

For my husband's first Father's Day the baby and I made him a CD of our favorite "Dad" songs.