Japanese Sky Lanterns

We started a fresh New Year’s Eve tradition this year.
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(Editor’s note: not that The Todd’s Wendover-bought fireworks weren’t super fun, but the neighbors were tired of hosing down their shrubs and tool sheds.)  I wanted to honor our new daughter Zoe’s Japanese heritage, so I scouted the web for Japanese Sky Lanterns.  You’ve likely seen a picture–a billowy cloud of tissue paper that lights from a small wick and draws enough hot air to gracefully ascend to the heavens.  We wrote a wish for 2012 on one side and a worry or care from 2011 on the other.  The worries fly away with your lantern, and I believe the wish heads to the Universe to combine the forces on your side.  It’s never too late to try it for yourself.  I found a big fat box of 20 on Amazon.com here, but you can make your own if you’re feeling crafty.  Happy New Year!  Sincere wishes that 2012 brings us all prosperity and generosity.