It Started With An Idea: Mod Podge Rocks!

We are continuing on in my It Started With An Idea series with serious crafting inspiration.
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Today I’m pleased to introduce Amy Anderson, She Who Is Mod Podge Rocks!. I’ve been a stalker of Amy and her craftiness for awhile and was thrilled to finally meet her at a local blogger event.

If you are asking what is Mod Podge Rocks!, it’s exactly what it sounds like, a treasure trove of decoupage projects and crafts that show just how much Mod Podge rocks. And there are a ton of projects; some are Amy’s original projects, reader submissions and other fabulous projects from around the web.

Named one of Babble’s Top 50 Crafting Blogs(#8, thank you very much), Amy has her own YouTube channel and shares over at Decor Hacks.

I do love me some Mod Podge, I was knee deep in it for our New Year’s Eve party and I’m feeling the urge to transform papier mâché letters for a upcoming party. But enough about me…

Tell us all about the wonder that is Amy Anderson.

AA – Well, I’m a crafty girl from all over the US – but I’m from Seattle originally and my whole family lives there [Amy is now in Atlanta] . I like being outdoors and the color blue and I even like rain. I am from a big family, the oldest girl of four brothers. I’m definitely kind of a tom boy.

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**How did your love of Mod Podge begin?**AA – I have knitted and sewn since I was very young. My mom made me go to sewing camp against my will. Ha! I was the youngest person there by far. But going to sewing classes and art classes encouraged me to be creative. So when I found out about the product in 2007 (officially at least, because I’m sure I used it in school) I had to try it. And then I realized how easy it was to use! I’m a big fan of instant gratification.

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When readers visitMod Podge Rocks! **they quickly learn if it’s not moving, it can be Mod Podged. You have a ridiculous amount of projects, do you have a favorite one or one that didn’t quite turn out as you planned?**AA – This project was REALLY fun. It’s not my favorite project in terms of aesthetic, but it made me laugh. The goal was to incorporate as many trends into one project as possible.

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And speaking of Mod Podge Rocks! you havea book out with the same name. Tell us a little about it and how did you decide what was going to go in?

AA – Well, Mod Podge Rocks! is my first book so honestly I didn’t know what I was doing. I picked projects based on what people liked on my blog . . . then I did similar projects in the same category. There are hardly any Mod Podge books out there, so it’s for beginners.

In addition to selecting a wide range of projects, I also picked designers who I knew loved Mod Podge (including some of my blogger friends). There’s an introductory section at the beginning of the book for those who have never Mod Podged before. The next book, if there is one, will probably show more advanced techniques.

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**You inspire us to craft and design in style, but who inspired you? Do you have favorite blogs and/or websites you like to visit when you have a moment?**AA – My favorite sources for inspiration are Target and just window shopping. Can you believe those designers at Target? They pick some great ones! Their color palettes and creativity inspired me so much. In addition, I love reading blogs. Some of my favorites are How About Orange and Just Something I Made. Honestly I’m typically inspired by any blogs I read. It’s nothing specific but just creativity in general. Seeing what people have made inspires me to be creative.

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**I love to ask everyone I interview the age old question: if you are stranded on a desert island and can bring only one item and one meal, what would they be?**AA – I have a secret love of Taco Bell (shh) so I’d probably have something from there. It’s going to be a long time and a lot of coconuts before I get another bean burrito, so why not? Also I’d bring my pug Roxie. If I’m going to be stranded, she’s definitely going with me!