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Irish Music for Irish-ish People

It’s that time of year again, when everyone in the world suddenly claims to have some pinky toe of Irish blood, bagpipers become the sexiest guys in a bar, and girls who normally order pomtinis suddenly get cool and order stout beer.

It's that time of year again, when everyone in the world suddenly claims to have some pinky toe of Irish blood, bagpipers become the sexiest guys in a bar, and girls who normally order pomtinis suddenly get cool and order stout beer.


It's time for St. Patrick's Day.

While many bars and radio stations play traditional Irish music, there are quite a few Irish-punk bands that are really fun to listen to at any point in the year -- and even more fun to dance, drink, and eat corned-beef-on-rye to on this lucky holiday.

Special Note: Most of these bands are bound to drop the F-bomb, so screen the songs before playing aloud in front of your kids. What can I say, the Irish don't really view "F" as a bad word.

Another Special Note: When I drive, I'm Irish.

Mumford & Sons

These Brits rose out of the West London scene and quickly became #1 in Ireland before making it big everywhere else. Sigh No Morehas a beautiful balance of emotion and attitude. Kind of like William Wallace (and I know I'm mixing nationalities here) in Braveheart, where he could love passionately in one scene and then cudgel a man's brains out in the next. Aww... A new album is expected soon.


Dropkick Murphys

This punk band has been around for 14 years and continues to grow in popularity. Especially well-known in New England for live music and sporting events. This music isn't messing around. Be ready to put on your party hat. Or to punch someone in the face.


Flogging Molly

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Part punk and part Gaelic, these people can play about anything. I think it's sweet that the lead vocalist and the fiddler are married. Though the band is essentially American, these two members divide their time between Ireland and Detroit, Michigan. Flogging Molly is particularly aware of social and political issues, which they give voice to in Speed of Darkness.



Around since 1988, Oysterband leans more toward folk than the harder punk of these other bands. The "oyster" part of their name comes from their early association with the coastal town of Whitstable in East Kent, Ireland. They recently won 3 awards at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Ragged Kingdom is their latest effort.


Enter the Haggis

I suppose this is a kind of rock-driven indie/Scottish/folk band. Yes, let's go with that, and they're from Canada. The fiddler and bagpiper are super talented. The band is always pushing forward into new territory, like on Whitelake. One of their songs is on the Harry Potter - The Journey album.


Definition of haggis.

"St. Paddy is my homeboy" T-shirt.

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