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Inside Flower Mound’s Citizen Police Academy

I’m approaching week five of Flower Mound’s free 11 week Citizen Police Academy (CPA) course and it’s been FUN!
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Yes, fun. But no, I’m not switching careers.

For those of you not in the know, the Flower Mound Police Department offers an educational program to citizens “exploring the inner workings of the Police Department.” For one night each week, we meet and listen to a variety of instructors. As a bonus, all participants received a shirt embroidered with our names to wear to each session. I can’t help but beam when wearing this shirt!

The topics have varied, but if anything, I’ve learned to be more cautious about my surroundings. Although Flower Mound has been touted as one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in America (32ndoverall), I’ve been reminded that crime doesn’t discriminate and has no socio-economic limits.

I am careful not to leave my laptop in the front seat when picking up the girls from school/ daycare and I make certain that toys are brought inside at night. This course has also prompted my husband and I to have more frank discussions with our girls about safety, drugs, and crimes against children.

After a brief introduction from my peers one night, I’ve realized that our class is comprised of people of all walks of life (retirees, a student, working parents, etc.). We’re all interested in learning what our police department offers and to get a  glimpse into the men/ women behind the badge (who are all super nice/ funny). As a former campus public safety dispatcher in college and a brief stint as a city 911 dispatcher, this course has renewed my respect for officers.

I have six more sessions until I graduate with this class — yes, we get to graduate!!!  In exchange for my nights with this great group of people, I’ve had to miss my girls’ gymnastic sessions. But when asked if they wanted me to stop attending the CPA, they encouraged me to keep going. They are as excited about this program as I am. And, I will admit that a little part of me has fulfilled my girlhood dream of becoming one of Charlie’s Angels.

For all those interested in joining the CPA, the Flower Mound Police Department will offer another session in the spring.

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Flower Mound Citizen Police Academy

– Cool Playground Mommy