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IMDb Home School's Top 20 Movie Picks for Families

We've been watching more movies at our house these days. The days seem infinitely longer in quarantine and we all need to unplug a little at the end of the day. We've watched some great movies in the process. I have been trying to work meaningful movies into the mix. I've even been searching for movies that might apply to the history classes and concepts my kids are covering in their homeschool assignments (bring on your favorite World War 1 movie recommendations)! 

I'm not going to lie, I also felt it was time my kids saw the movie Top Gun. No educational value except for knowing what a bogey and a MiG are. It's also important that they know the origins of the phrase: Talk to me Goose . . .

IMDb Home School

While homeschooling has become the new normal for parents around the world, IMDb has created a watch list called IMDb Home School which provides parents with educational picks for children stuck at home. This list is inclusive of multiple subjects, age groups, and streaming platforms. The list includes movies like Hidden Figures to educate about Math/History, Making it which highlights Art , Won’t You Be My Neighbor? that touches on Social Studies.

IMDb Homeschool Movies

IMDb's Top 20 Home School Movies

  • Hidden Figures | Subject: Math/History
    • Now Streaming on FX Now and Available to Rent on Prime Video
  • Making It | Subject: Art
    • Season 2 Now Streaming on Hulu
  • To Kill a Mockingbird | Subject: History/Literature
    • Now Streaming on STARZ and Available to Rent on Prime Video
  • Our Planet | Subject: Science
    • Now Streaming on Netflix
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Recommended for You

  • Fantasia | Subject: Music
    • Now Streaming on Disney+
  • Selma | Subject: History
    • Available to Rent on Prime Video
  • Lean on Me | Subject: Detention
    • Available to Rent on Prime Video and Streaming on BET+

Click Here to view the whole list on IMDb.

What movies would you add to this list? 

Besides Top Gun . . . 

Tell us in the comments!

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