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‘I Feel Pretty’ Movie Review

‘I Feel Pretty’ Movie Review.
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For those of you saying “I mean I hear it’s good and seems to have a solid message, but it’s Amy Schumer, would you take your daughter?”

This review is for you. 

Here’s the deal — I’d say I have a moderate threshold for inappropriateness, but in years past I’ve had a mixed relationship with Amy Schumer. Sometimes she has me laughing out loud, sometimes she has me contorting my face and saying EW! Like when I was reading “The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo” on a long flight and I’d literally make a disgusted face and then turn and look around the plane as if fellow passengers were reading over my shoulder. And then I’d be laughing again a few minutes later. 

We’ve Netflixed a few Amy Schumer movies that we’ve ultimately turned off (and note to self, I was warned, they were rated R, I’ve got no excuse).  

Having said that — I went into “I Feel Pretty” hoping it was great but expecting that the humor would go a little too far leaving me disappointed (and unable to share what was hopefully an inspiring message with my 14-year-old girl). I was wrong and happily surprised.

To be clear, the movie is PG-13 {you can check out the IMDB parents guide here}. There’s some language, drinking, a mild sex scene, and the parents guide calls out that the movie makes mention of the word “vagina”.  All things we’ve comfortably talked about at our house.  

If you are still a little hesitant, go see it for yourself first to make the right call for you and your daughter {13+}. 

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The overall message shines, and this group {of mostly Mormon moms might I add}  give the movie 2 thumbs up and have gone back with daughters in tow. I’m taking my girl next week and excited for a solid girls night followed by some good conversations. 

Here’s what the rest of our crew had to say about ‘I Feel Pretty’:

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“My teenagers loved LOVED it! All of my teenage nieces and my daughters went on Friday. They asked for baguette (bagetti) with dinner last night. My daughter Abby loved the body positivity. She keeps talking about how nice it was to see Amy Schumer in a role that wasn’t vulgar.”

— Wendy

“I laughed out loud, a lot. It reminded me of the fun rom coms I grew up on!”

— Carina

“I thought it was really funny. I don’t always like Amy Schumer — but I laughed out loud many times. It has a great message and I can’t wait to take my teen!”

— Lindsey

“I laughed hard! A better version of a rom com!”

— Kalli

We weren’t the only ones in the theatre laughing, the whole place was cracking up. I might have even shed a tear a time or two. 

Bottom line?  We could all learn a thing or two from “I Feel Pretty”. Time well spent!

{P.S. Check out her recent interview with Oprah on the Super Soul Podcast! It was fantastic!}


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