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How the Grinch Stole Christmas–A WHOliday Tradition

How the Grinch Stole Christmas–A WHOliday Tradition.
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A San Diego holiday tradition that must not be missed is the live musical rendition of the children’s classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas at The Old Globe Theatre. As soon as I learned that they were opening up 11:00am performances to kids under three years old, I called the box office and snagged up some tickets immediately. I then purchased the original Dr. Seuss book and began reading it to my kids before bed each night to prepare them for the storyline, and explain, ahead of time, why the Grinch is so grinchy, in an attempt to avoid any in-the-theatre meltdowns when all the toys started disappearing.

Then, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I dressed the kids in matching Grinch Tees I found at Old Navy (my four year old picked them out), and saw the opening of a theatrical curtain for the first time in my kids’ life.

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Being the sap that I am, I cried on the first downbeat from the orchestra, and then I sat back and reveled in the glow and wonder in my kids’ faces. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to introduce my kids to live theater. The show runs just under 90 minutes, which is just as much as they could handle, but they truly were entertained throughout the show. A few times they anxiously chimed in with, “Where is Cindy-Lou Who? We want Cindy-Lou Who!” But for the majority of the time, they sat quietly on our laps, mesmerized by the sweet singing, the candy-colored costumes and the captivating performances by all the lead characters.

This year’s Grinch, Jeff Skowron, who is on his 2nd consecutive year in the role, reminded me of a hairy, off-colored Martin Short, with a wicked yet tender, booming yet endearing voice that carries the poetic tunes with pitch perfection. Despite his constant poo-pooing in all his green glory, he is utterly charming and endearing. No wonder Cindy-Lou Who wants to just give him a big hug. I did too.

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And speaking of Cindy-Lou Who, could she get any cuter? My daughters could barely contain their excitement every time the darling little actress skipped onto the stage in her sweet voice and pink bow atop her head. Since my youngest one, Lexi, is two, she feels a strong kinship to little Cindy-Lou Who, “who is not more than two.”

Besides Cindy-Lou Who, the young Max is definitely the kid’s favorite character. The furry, singing mutt is beyond lovable. He’ll make you want to scratch and paw, in a good way, and howl out a holiday tune, right there in your chair.

We attended the show with my mother-in-law, as well as both our kids, and all five of us absolutely loved it. It was the perfect way to ring in the Holiday Season, and it will definitely be an annual tradition in our family from now on.

There are still some tickets left so CALL or CLICK NOW. If you have younger kids like I do, look for the weekend shows at 11:00am. Otherwise, get tix to any show you can. Your heart is sure to grow three sizes that day.


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Tradition is one of my favorite words, and probably my favorite Christmas word.