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Hilary Duff's 9 Month Bump Is Freakin' CUTE!

Celebrity baby watch is in full force, bring on alllll the babies!
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Lizzy McGuire is about to be a mom to 2 and our adorableness radar is off the charts!

​Hilary Duff is counting down the days until the arrival of her baby girl with boyfriend Matthew Koma but in the meantime, we can all agree that her little lady lump bump is just about as cute as can be.

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My baby days are long over, but I sure have a soft spot for those last few weeks before a baby makes its way into the world, however uncomfortable they are in real life. There's still something really tender and sweet about the end of the process and the anticipation of the way life is about to change.

We love it!


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Hilary Duff's Baby Girl Is Here And Her Name Is Super Unique

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"Wearing A Baby Is Emasculating!" - Piers Morgan. James Bond - "Nah".

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Is "Eighth Grade" Actually Appropriate For Your 8th Grader To See?

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Harry And Meghan = Mum And Dad...BABY SUSSEX IS HAPPENING!

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The First Superbowl Commercial Is Here, And It’s Pretty Controversial…

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Watch Out Rio - USA Gymnastics Is Coming!

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