Highlights from the 2011 Primetime Emmys

Jane Lynch demonstrated her live performance chops at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards last night.

Though the opening musical number was a bit of a cringe-fest, Ms. Lynch gave the show a fun, spunky quality that kept me entertained throughout.

Here are some of the highlights of the evening:

Prettiest in Pink:

Zooey Deschanel. Love!

I adore this actress and am madly in love with this dress.

Side note: does anyone else think she looks just like Katy Perry? Well minus a few cup sizes.

Most in Need of a Donut:

Julie Bowen.

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Put down the weights, Julie, and eat a donut. Oh, and congratulations, you totally deserved this win. You make me feel much better about my own manic mom moments.

Hottest Presenting Pair Ever in the History of the World:

Rob Lowe and Sofia Vergarra.

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These two fine specimens might just be the two most beautiful people in the world. And her dress? Gorgeous!

Biggest (and Best) Surprise

Kyle Chandler winning Best Actor in a Drama. Finally!

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He should have won this category for the past five years.

Recommended for You

If you have never watched Friday Night Lights, you haven’t truly lived. Rent the first season on DVD and you will be hooked. I promise.

Most Confusing Dress:

Julianna Margulies. WTF?

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Most Hilarious Moment of the Show

The Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Category turned Beauty Pageant. Be-rilliant!

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Side note: I really need to start watching Mike and Molly.

Most Ballsy Moment:

Charlie Sheen’s apology to the cast & crew of Two and Half Men.

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He looked awkward, because it WAS awkward, but I think it was from his heart and very genuine.

Worst Hair:

Ashton Kutcher.

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Jesus called and wants his hair back.


So what were your favorite moments from the Emmys? Would you want to see Jane Lynch host again?


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