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Ah, high school ID photos.

That dreaded day when you pray you can say you #wokeupthiscute but end up having an ID card that leaves you feeling like you're just #growingupugly...

Well, students at North Farmington High School in Michigan are changing all that by letting their creativity shine.

Seniors have a tradition of dressing up like their favorite pop culture icon or the latest meme and showcasing it on picture day.

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We're talking everything from kids dressed up as Jim dressed up as Dwight to their best Beyonce impressions, and it is everything.

Here's a look at a few of our #NFID20 faves, and a few unforgettables from years past!

And the honorable mentions from years past:

Suffice it to say, these kids are winning. And we're definitely on board with every school making this a thing for ID photo day.


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