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Harry Potter Carnival

Can’t help it. I still love Harry Potter
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In the years since Harry and I became friends, I’ve met Peta and Katniss, Edward and Bella, but no one can replace Harry. My girls feel the same. That’s why when I saw a flyer for the Harry Potter Carnival  I immediately put it on the calendar. Who doesn’t want to spend a couple of hours playing wizard?

The Harry Potter Carnival is sponsored by the Harry Potter Alliance and is making a tour through many of the Salt Lake County Libraries this fall.  It will feature magical games, activities, costumed characters, crafts, simple Muggle Quidditch, sorting hats, Dobby socks and many other sorcery activities you might not have thought about since your last Harry Potter read.

The first scheduled Harry Potter Carnival is:

Saturday, October 20th

Whitmore Library

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3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

For grades K to 12

Check the Salt Lake County Library event page for other Harry Potter Carnivals to come.

More Fall Events:

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