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Happy Happy Happy Mix

My happy songs.

My happy songs.

1. Let's Forget About It, Lisa Loeb

2. Burning Flies, Looper

3. Moon Palace, Luna

4. A Chicken with It's Head Cut Off, Magnetic Fields

5. Allison, Pixies

6. New York New York, Ryan Adams

7. 19-2000, Gorillaz

8. Wah-Oh, Sunfall Festival

9. Tell Yourself, Natalie Merchant

10. For Nancy ('cos it Already Is), Pete Yorn

11. Bring My Car I Feel to Smash It, The Sea & Cake

12. She Will Have Her Way, Neil Finn

From Emily Millard of Salt Lake City, UT


Resolution Work Out Mix

Here is my 2007 kickin' tail work-out mix. I usually do some sort of interval work out with it – American Idiot is my favorite for a fast paced run.

Marna's Movie Mix

I love movies, and the ones I grew up with have the best soundtracks… so here is my mix list, compiled from some great tracks of the 80’s and 90’s. These songs make me happy and relaxed, even a bit nostalgic.

Lullabye Mix

It seems like everywhere I turn someone has a new baby, including me! Here are my favorite "lullabye" songs.

Mommy's Sanity Mix

I listen to this when I am making lunch. It keeps me happy AND the kids happy by giving each a little of what we want. The kids like to dance to their songs and mine.

Mom's Crazy Music mix

This mix is full of songs that make my one-year-old stop whatever he's doing and dance. These are also greats songs to use when working out. The beats range from running/jogging beats, to weight-lifting beats, all the way down to stretching beats. Enjoy!