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Hallmark Christmas in July 2018 Schedule

It's the second most wonderful time of the year!
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It’s official. It’s hotter than the surface of the sun right now. I’m sweating my guts out and I’ve given up on blow-drying my hair anytime in the next 60 days. So, HECK YES I AM READY for the Hallmark Christmas in July movie marathon.

Hallmark Christmas movies are a holiday favorite for many of my friends. I’ve heard tell of people threatening family with loss of limb if they dare delete the movies from the DVR.

And let’s face it, now that the online retailers have decided to celebrate Christmas in July by competing for our dollars with huge sales, it seems only fitting to beat the heat with a little binge of your favorite Hallmark holiday movies while you do a little online shopping.

UPDATE: 2020 Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule Released!

I mean, that way, by the time the actual holiday season rolls around, you will be ahead on your shopping and you’ll be ready for your next round of Hallmark Christmas movies—but then you’ll be able to snuggle up with a cup of hot cocoa while the lights on your tree twinkle.

For now, you’ll need to be content using the Hallmark Christmas in July movie marathon to transport you to much cooler and much more festive places.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

If you’re still dedicated to seeing the summer blockbusters this year, may we suggest our list of Summer Kids Movies 2018: EVERY Movie You and Your Kids MUST SEE This Summer.

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Check out the schedule of movies airing during the Hallmark Christmas in July marathon on the Hallmark Channel!

Friday, July 13

6a/5c: Once Upon a Holiday

8a/7c: Christmas Under Wraps

12/11c: Miss Christmas

2/1c: Sharing Christmas

4/3c: A Royal Christmas

6/5c: The Christmas Cottage

8/7c: Finding Santa

10/9c: The Sweetest Christmas

Saturday, July 14

12a/11c: Switched for Christmas

2a/1c: Crown for Christmas

4a/3c: Christmas Connection

6a/5c: Let It Snow

8a/7c: My Christmas Dream

10a/9c: A Wish for Christmas

12/11c: A December Bride

2/1c: A Gift to Remember

4/3c: Marry Me at Christmas

6/5c: With Love, Christmas

8/7c: Christmas Next Door

10/9c: Christmas in Evergreen

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Sunday, July 15

12a/11c: The Mistletoe Inn

2a/1c: Enchanted Christmas

4a/3c: A Bride for Christmas

6a/5c: A Dream of Christmas

8a/7c: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

10a/9c: A Royal Christmas

12/11c: Christmas Under Wraps

2/1c: Switched for Christmas

4/3c: Miss Christmas

6/5c: Christmas at Holly Lodge

8/7c: Coming Home for Christmas

10/9c: Christmas Getaway

Monday, July 16

12a/11c: Sharing Christmas

2a/1c: Love You Like Christmas

4a/3c: 12 Gifts of Christmas

6a/5c: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

8a/7c: One Starry Christmas

12/11c: A Very Merry Mix-Up

2/1c: A December Bride

4/3c: A Gift to Remember

6/5c: Christmas Connection

8/7c: Marry Me at Christmas

10/9c: Every Christmas Has a Story

Tuesday, July 17

12a/11c: Once Upon a Holiday

2a/1c: A Rose for Christmas

4a/3c: Hitched for the Holidays

6a/2c: A Christmas Melody

8a/7c: Matchmaker Santa

12/11c: The Mistletoe Promise

2/1c: The Christmas Cottage

4/3c: Enchanted Christmas

6/5c: Switched for Christmas

8/7c: The Mistletoe Inn

10/9c: A Royal Christmas

Wednesday, July 18

12a/11c: Christmas in Homestead

2a/1c: A Cookie Cutter Christmas

4a/3c: Family for Christmas

6a/5c: Every Christmas Has a Story

8a/7c: With Love, Christmas

12/11c: Crown for Christmas

2/1c: Christmas Getaway

4/3c: A Wish for Christmas

6/5c: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

8/7c: Coming Home for Christmas

10/9c: Miss Christmas

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Thursday, July 19

12a/11c: Love You Like Christmas

2a/1c: Christmas Land

4a/3c: A Boyfriend for Christmas

6a/5c: The Christmas Parade

8a/7c: The Christmas Cure

12/11c: Snow Bride

2/1c: Christmas Incorporated

4/3c: Royal New Year’s Eve

6/5c: Christmas Under Wraps

8/7c: The Nine Lives of Christmas

10/9c: A Dream of Christmas

Friday, July 20

12a/11c: Christmas Cookies

2a/1c: A December Bride

4a/3c: Looks Like Christmas

6a/5c: Sleigh Bells Ring

8a/7c: A Holiday Engagement

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12/11c: A Christmas Detour

2/1c: My Christmas Dream

4/3c: 12 Gifts of Christmas

6/5c: Christmas Next Door

8/7c: Christmas at Holly Lodge

10/9c: With Love, Christmas

Saturday, July 21

12a/11c: Christmas List

2a/1c: Christmas in Evergreen

4a/3c: Christmas Festival of Ice

6a/5c: Royal New Year’s Eve

8a/7c: Sharing Christmas

10/9c: Christmas Connection

12/11c: Miss Christmas

2/1c: Coming Home for Christmas

4/3c: Christmas Getaway

6/5c: Finding Santa

8/7c: Switched for Christmas

10/9c: Christmas: A First Look Preview Special (Premiere)

10:30/9:30c: Christmas Under Wraps

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Sunday, July 22

12:30a/11:30c: Love You Like Christmas

2:30a/1:30c: Ice Sculpture Christmas

4:30a/3:30c: My Christmas Love

6a/5c: Crown for Christmas

8a/7c: Mistletoe Inn

10/9c: Christmas Next Door

12/11c: Enchanted Christmas

2/1c: The Sweetest Christmas

4/3c: The Christmas Cottage

6/5c: Christmas in Evergreen

8/7c: A Gift to Remember

10/9c: Marry Me at Christmas

Monday, July 23

12a/11c: The Christmas Cure

2a/1c: Christmas at Holly Lodge

4a/3c: A Wish for Christmas

6a/5c: Looks Like Christmas

8a/7c: A Boyfriend for Christmas

12/11c: My Christmas Love

2/1c: A Bride for Christmas

4/3c: Coming Home for Christmas

6/5c: Christmas Getaway

8/7c: With Love, Christmas

10/9c: Sharing Christmas

Tuesday, July 24

12a/1c: 12 Gifts of Christmas

2a/1c: A Dream of Christmas

4a/3c: Snow Bride

6a/5c: A Perfect Christmas

8a/7c: The Nine Lives of Christmas

12/11c: Christmas Land

2/1c: Christmas Cookies

4/3c: Christmas Festival of Ice

6/5c: Christmas at Holly Lodge

8/7c: The Christmas Cottage

10/9c: Christmas Next Door

Wednesday, July 25

12a/11c: My Christmas Dream

2a/1c: Let It Snow

4a/3c: Sleigh Bells Ring

6a/5c: Merry Matrimony

8a/7c: Christmas Connection

12/11c: Christmas List

2/1c: The Mistletoe Promise

4/3c: The Mistletoe Inn

6/5c: Enchanted Christmas

8/7c: Marry Me at Christmas

10/9c: Finding Santa

Thursday, July 26

12a/11c: Best Christmas Party Ever

2a/1c: Christmas at Cartwright’s

4a/3c: One Starry Christmas

6a/5c: I’m Not Ready for Christmas

8a/7c: Ice Sculpture Christmas

12/11c: Christmas in Homestead

2/1c: A Cookie Cutter Christmas

4/3c: Let It Snow

6/5c: Crown for Christmas

8/7c: Christmas in Evergreen

10/9c: A Gift to Remember

Friday, July 27

12a/11c: A Christmas Detour

2a/1c: A Bride for Christmas

4a/3c: Every Christmas Has a Story

6a/5c: Love You Like Christmas

8a/7c: Christmas Getaway

12/11c: A Royal New Year’s Eve

2/1c: Matchmaker Santa

4/3c: Best Christmas Party Ever

6/5c: A December Bride

8/7c: A Wish for Christmas

10/11c: Switched for Christmas

Saturday, July 28

12a/11c: Christmas Incorporated

2a/1c: A Very Merry Mix-Up

4a/3c: The Christmas Parade

5:30a/4:30c: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

7a/6c: Finding Santa

9a/8c: With Love, Christmas

11a/10c: Christmas at Holly Lodge

1/12c: The Christmas Cottage

3/2c: Christmas Next Door

5/4c: A Royal Christmas

7/6c: The Sweetest Christmas

If you find yourself in August or September, sad that you can’t enjoy the Hallmark Christmas in July programming, fear not! Enjoy our list of the 10 Best Holiday Movies for Your Family.


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