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Green Cleaner Made from Oranges

I have been using this green cleaner for over 6 months now and it works wonders.
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I searched pinterest in trying to find “Green” cleaners after my 2 year old broke the lock on our kitchen sink cabinet and got hold of the cleaners and had them ALL over the floor and on his face. I prayed he didn’t eat it, but called Poison Control just in case. I tried a few homemade cleaners, and most didn’t work as great as they said they would. I have found TWO that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Here’s the first.

Vinegar and Orange peels.

Say WHAT??

Yep, combine distilled white vinegar ($2.00 or less) and Orange peels (3 oranges works great–$1.00 or less)

For LESS than $3.00 I have an amazing Green, simple cleaner that works great on the table, stove, counters, fridge, floors, sink, bathroom, it’s awesome!!

Plus, if my child wants to drink it (YUCK), it won’t hurt it a bit. He might want some water right after, but it’s simple and I LOVE simple.

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1.Pick your oranges, cut and eat them. Or Juice them and enjoy.

2.Get a 32 oz mason jar or a glass container for the size of water bottle you want to use. Fill the bottle up with the orange peels first. Then, add the vinegar. Put the lid on and put it in the pantry or under the sink for 3-4 weeks. (I have 2 jars going at a time. That way I always have it ready). It takes that long to get the citrus out of the orange peel and soak into the vinegar. Don’t forget you have the cleaner soaking (I’ve forgotten a few times)! Use tongs and remove the orange peels out of the jar, throw the peels away and pour the mixture into your spray bottle.

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Viola!!! Homemade, natural, green ,simple cleaner ready to use whenever you need.

TIP: for baked-on food on your stove. dump 1/4 c. baking soda on the stove. Spray the vinegar/orange mixture on to the baking soda and let sit for 15 minutes. Scrub away and watch your paper towel go from white to gross while your stove goes from gross to clean!

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