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Gnomeo and Juliet–A Sappy Mom’s Review

Gnomeo and Juliet–A Sappy Mom’s Review
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I always love romantic comedies and musicals, but last night, after returning home from seeing the new Touchstone Pictures film, Gnomeo & Juliet, my four-year old daughter asked me to name my favorite part of the movie and I was stumped. “Well,” I said. “Uh…Um…” Even though it had only been a few hours since seeing the movie, I could not for the life of me remember one particular scene that I liked. Not a good sign.

There is something inherently alarming about a movie starring shifty little gnomes that come to life. Then to add in a tragic Shakespearean storyline set to the gaudy music of Elton John music, it’s all, quite frankly, a little unsettling and creepy. Though I am a big fan of Shakespeare’s plays and Elton John’s music, the disconnect between the music, characters and storyline was just too much for me to get past.

The movie started off with some toe-tappin’ versions of popular Elton John songs and funny one-liners like, “I’m not illiterate, my parents were married.” But soon into the film I became weary from the one-too-many plays-on-words and schticky gag jokes. I did enjoy a few of the romantic scenes between Gnomeo and Juliet, and the frog side-kick provided a handful of laughs, but as soon as the deathly lawnmower called the Terrafirminator was introduced I checked out.

My kids lasted longer than I had anticipated, but were quite restless by the end. My advice…wait til it’s on DVD. And then, wait some more.

I give this movie two weak fist pumps.