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Giving Tuesday Orlando: Nikki’s Blankets

My favorite Orlando charity is Nikki’s Blankets, and in honor of Giving Tuesday, I am putting the spotlight on her.
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Since 2009, Nikki Kingsland has collected more than 5,000 blankets, sleeping bags and backpacks for the Central Florida homeless. That’s impressive, but what’s really astounding is that Nikki is just 13 years old.

“Before all this started this, I didn’t really understand homelessness,” Nikki says. “But it’s helped me realize that what I have is a lot better than what a lot of kids my age have. It’s made me more thankful.”

It’s also made her more resourceful. In the four years since she started Nikki’s Blankets, she’s partnered with drop-off locations, created a website, and now runs a Facebook page, which she uses to share details of her campaign but also notify her supporters of blanket sales happening at retailers in the Orlando area.

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Here’s an example of a recent post: “Kohl’s black Friday sale has started today. They have their $13.99 blankets on sale for $3.99. Use the code 20FORU and get an extra 20% off AND with every $50 you spend you get $15 in Kohl’s cash back.” Pretty ingenious, right!

What’s even cooler than her social media skills or the new Go Fund campaign she recently started, is that Nikki, along with her little sister and parents, hands out many of the blankets in person at Lake Eola on Christmas morning, an experience she says has taught her not to judge. “These families didn’t plan on ending up here,” Nikki says. “Being with them makes me the happiest person in the world because I know I have done something to help. I know that the greatest gift is the gift of giving.”


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