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Girl Power Movie Night Giveaway

Are you ready for an adventure?! How about an epic movie night with your older kiddos?
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Stocked with snacks and drinks for a small army and a GREAT movie.

I Kill Giants is a sci-fi adventure that features Barbara Thompson, a teen girl who is the only thing standing between terrible giants and the destruction of her small town.

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Based on the wildly popular graphic novel by Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura, the movie was directed by Academy award-winner, Anders Walter and produced by Chris Columbus, the cinematic wizard behind Harry Potter—and it looks every bit as magical and astonishing! 

This movie looks like an intense and touching story about bravery, trust, and love…and that seems like just what we could all use right now.

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Packed with courageous girls, and our favorite warrior woman Zoe Saldana (you’ll remember her from Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Trek) this movie is sure to be a hit with your own batch of brave kiddos.

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I Kill Giants is in select theaters and On Demand, find it on iTunes.

But remember that epic movie night I mentioned? We’re giving you a chance to win a Movie Night Prize Package that includes:

$100 Visa gift card for an I KILL GIANTS Movie Night!

Copy of the book.

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We’ll pick one random winner from the comments below, on Monday April 2nd. To enter just leave a comment telling us how you’d spend your $100 Visa gift card—we’re looking for an epic snack spread, people.

Good Luck!


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