Getting to Know the Cast of Pitch Perfect

Getting to Know the Cast of Pitch Perfect
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If ever a movie was made for me (besides the upcoming Les Mis movie that is going to rock my world), it is the new Universal picture, Pitch Perfect . Not only does the title hold a special place in my heart since a reviewer once called my performance “pitch perfect” in a regional theatre production a hundred years ago, and I’m still holding on to it as if it were a write up in Variety, but also because the whole damn movie is about singing, a capella none the less, which makes it even geekier more entertaining.

Last week I had the privilege of attending an early screening of the film and then meeting the actors, the producers, the director and the writer at the press junket in LA–I was in jazz hand heaven. I had a smile on my face during the entire movie AND the entire junket. All of the cast and crew were incredibly gracious and hilarious (standby for full review of the film). I left the junket feeling warm and fuzzy, like all of them were my friends, which sounds a little stalkerish, but whatever.

Here are some fun facts, quotes and bits of useless trivia about the zany cast of Pitch Perfect, including their go-to karaoke numbers (karaoke was a major theme of our interviews. Shocking, I know):

Anna Camp (Aubrey) was just as lovely in person as she is on screen, and, more importantly, very forthcoming with her karaoke re-enactments. In fact, she filled us in on her entire set list, which includes a little Lisa Loeb, some Nancy Sinatra, and ends with some rockin’ Rick Springfield, with a couple of mixed drinks mixed in. In the film, her character is easy to love and hate all at the same time, kind of like those girls I both love and hate at the karaoke bar who sing Rick Springfield (probably because they remind me of me). Her latest project is the Mindy Project that premiered this week on NBC.

Anna Kendrick (Beca), most known for her breakout role in Up In the Air has never seen GLEE, nor has she ever done karaoke. Upon those revelations, I had to break up with her right there on the spot, nevertheless, I continued with the interview and learned that she starred on Broadway at the age of 12 and that her favorite song to perform in the movie was No Diggity, which also happens to be my favorite song in the movie. So then we made up.

Skylar Astin (Jesse), made for a great interview, once I let go of the fact that he is not remotely related to Dane Cook. He claims to not be a big fan of karaoke either, but he may or may not bust out “My Heart Will Go On” after a few drinks. He also thinks that the character of Troy Bolton in the High School Musical movies (played by his friend and my cougar crush, Zac Efron) was stolen from his real-life story of leaving a jr. high basketball game to go audition for Godspell. He got the part and has been hooked on phonics, I mean performing, ever since.

Brittany Snow (Chloe) . . . wait a second, she’s blond? But she made such a great Ginger in the movie?!!? . . . She too almost fell out of her chair when Anna Kendrick admitted to being a karaoke virgin and Brittany vowed to remedy that problem, stat. She also wowed us with her charm and bright blue eyes.

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My favorite interview of the day was with comedienne Hana Mae Lee (Lilly) who sang us a Korean fold tune that melted my heart, and singer + song-writing-sensation, Ester Dean (Cynthia Rose) whose songs can be found on nearly every station right now, including Katy Perry’s Firework and Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass. The pair of ‘em had us in stitches. Not only were they rockin’ some pretty snazzy jewelry (Ester earring’s said Cunt City and Hana’s necklace said “tittles” since she’s in the “Itty Bitty” club. She also makes all her rings), but they also had a funny story for everything.

One important side note: Ester lives by The Secret like I do, and even named her dog Secret. That’s my girl!

Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy), the hilarious Aussie who made a name for herself in Bridesmaids with a bloody tattoo and a thick-as-Vegamite accent, was the biggest surprise of the day. I expected her to barge into the room with a joke a minute, but instead she was unassuming, gracious and extremely professional. She was still entirely hilarious, but just in a more calm, quiet way, as opposed to the brazen jokester I had expected. Her ganster side came out a few times, especially when she started throwing gang signs with all the bling on her hands. Get a load of these rings.

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Rebel told us all about growing up in a family that showed dogs for a living (so Best in Show is essentially a story about her friends and family), and then how she had an epiphany, while in the ICU with malaria, that she needed to be an actor. Her iPad plays both hip hip and show tunes so I’m pretty sure she’s my soul mate.

Stay tuned for my review of the film, and check your local listings since it’s playing in limited release starting TODAY, September 28th (full release is on October 5th).