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Frisco Heritage Museum

Frisco Heritage Museum
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I was looking for something different to do with the kids today, and I wanted to be sure it was outside (hello, gorgeous Texas spring weather!).  So, I decided to take them to Frisco to visit the Frisco Heritage Museum, which I discovered while researching the Museum of the American Railroad.

You see, I had wanted to go visit the Museum of the American Railroad…but according to the website, it’s not open and the exhibits are housed at the Frisco Heritage Museum in the interim. I thought I’d take the kids to see the trains at their temporary home.

It turns out, the trains are not at the Frisco Heritage Museum at all. They are housed quite a ways down the road, at the Frisco Discovery Center.  This was a very unfortunate piece of information to find out with my train-loving four-year-old by my side.

However, all was not lost!  I decided we’d peruse the museum, visit the steam engine I’d seen out front, and then go on a mission to find those darn trains I’d promised Jack.

The Frisco Heritage Museum had a few points of interest, and we spent about 30 minutes or so inside. Mostly, Jack was intrigued with the railroad memorabilia upstairs, which included a section of track that the kids could touch.  There was also a playhouse and some dress-up clothes (pioneer style) for the little ones.

Big kids might find more of interest, with some very neat (and very old) cars on display.

The real glory, though, was found outside…near the old steam engine.

Jack would have happily spent the afternoon next to this train!

The kids were able to touch the train, stand next to its GIANT wheels, play on the track, and admire it up close.

I was feeling bad because I had promised Jack lots of trains, but this hands-on experience seemed to make up for it.  Still, I wanted to see the rest of the trains – the ones that are going to be in the railroad museum – so I drove down the road to the Frisco Discovery Center.

The trains (there are a whole bunch!) are kept on the tracks behind the Discovery Center.  We were lucky – they were moving one around when we stopped by, and the engineer blew the train’s horn several times for us! We actually saw a self-powered rail car…I’m not sure what that means, but I was told it’s rare.

If you have a train-crazy little one and live near Frisco, it would be worth it to visit the train at the Frisco Heritage Museum.  It’s right next to Babe’s Chicken, so you can make an afternoon out of it!  And when you’re done, cruise down the road to the Discovery Center to check out the rest of the trains.

You can find Museum hours and directions here.