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The One Where You Play Monopoly with Friends

The Friends Monopoly game has finally arrived in the US. Read on to see why we're excited, what Friends sights you will and won't see in New York, and where you can get your new favorite game.
Friends Monopoly Game

I don't know if I should be embarrassed or proud to admit how much of my college career was spent watching Friends episodes. They played every night at 5, 6, and 10, and they were way more fun that studying. And much more quotable than a textbook too.

After moving to New York, I chased down a few Friends-related hot spots. I've stood outside the Friends apartment building (in a non-creepy, totally normal way, of course) and I have witnessed and participated in trying to move a couch up the stairwell on many occasions. You better believe I was the one yelling PIVOT! as loud as I could.

I was disappointed to discover that, 1) There is no Central Perk, 2) The fountain they splashed in for the opening credits was actually on a studio lot in California, and not in Central Park, and 3) I could never afford an apartment that size as a fully employed grown up, let alone as an out of work actor, a waitress, or a sometimes musician.

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The good news is I CAN spend hours of my time hanging out and laughing with my real life friends, thanks to the US release of Friends Monopoly. The best news is, you can get it without leaving your couch. Buy it on Amazon by clicking here.

Friends TV Monopoly

As someone who has spent hours quoting lines from the show with friends, I can attest to how much fun it is to reminisce about the show. Instead of the regular Park and Madison Ave, the spaces relate back to popular episodes. Instead of a railroad, there is a Relaxi Taxi, Joey's Boat, Monica's Sportscar, and Phoebe's Grandma's Cab space.

Friends Monopoly Board

So grab Monopoly Friends TV Series Edition and your real life friends, and have a game night. But let's keep it fair, everyone.



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