Free Gift Wrapping in Wylie

Done with all your shopping (or even some of it) and dreading all the wrapping that is to come?
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Have no fear – First Baptist Church in Wylie will wrap your gifts while you wait – for free!

Wrapping it Up 2.0 gives you the chance to relax while someone else does the hard stuff (in this case, wrap all those gifts).

Each year, I load up the closet with all the gifts I’ve purchased (up high, where the kids can’t reach!) and think to myself, “No problem – I’ll wrap everything on Christmas Eve.”  And then Christmas Eve rolls around and I’m thinking, “WHY DID I WAIT TO WRAP ALL THESE?”

This year, I’ll probably do the same thing.

But, I’ll also be telling my husband about Wrapping it Up 2.0 just in case he needs a little help with *his* wrapping (hint, hint, honey…).

This event is completely free!  They are located in the Woodbridge Crossing Shopping Center (near Target), between Mooyah and  Woodbridge Dental.  This service is available November 23 thru December 22 (Monday – Saturday, 11am-8pm and Sunday 2pm-8pm).