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Fourth of July without Fireworks; with Fruit Drinks

In case you haven’t heard, Colorado has been on fire the past couple of weeks.
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The closest fire to me is at least 35 miles, so I have not been affected at all, other than occasional smoky air. However, Colorado people are nothing if not supportive, and donations of money, time, and positive thoughts are going out from all of us on the sidelines. The Governor signed an executive order banning the use of private fireworks in our state. It’s possible that most public shows will also be canceled.

In support of this ban, and due to the fact that the holiday has snuck up on me, I’m gathering firework-alternative ideas to celebrate our country’s independence. We’ve started buying fireworks in the last couple of years, and while the kids absolutely love them, I loathe them. They’re expensive, dangerous, and over in just a few minutes. When I was younger my brother would stock up on illegal fireworks when we traveled to states that allowed them. After an errant firecracker burned me in my armpit area, I’ve admittedly never been a huge fan. Give me a comfy chair, a nice mixed drink, and a show high in the sky, and I’m happy!

With that in mind, here is my go-to for mixed fruit drinks. I like it because it’s refreshing and light, but also relatively low in calories.

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  • 2 shots citrus vodka
  • 2 tsp Dole (any flavor you please) juice concentrate
  • soda water/seltzer (citrus or lemon lime flavored works great too)

Mix vodka and juice concentrate in a pint glass until incorporated. Add seltzer water and ice to fill the glass and give it another stir. Garnish with a fresh lemon or lime wedge and r-e-l-a-x!


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Shots in Fruit!

This makes a shot healthy, right?!

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Full Fruit Perfection, Delivered

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Vigilance is the Silver Lining

Vigilance is the Silver Lining