Five Fun Facts About Zac Efron and The Lorax

Five Fun Facts About Zac Efron and The Lorax
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I must admit that a chance to interview Zac Efron again, after our first Big Love Cougar Date in 2010, was a big draw for me to attend The Lorax press junket. I was secretly hoping we would catch eyes in the middle of the interview and he’d interrupt everything to reconnect with me about our first chemistry-filled blogger round table. I even weaseled my way right next to him during the photo to try to re-create the same chest-to-back action we had last year. Sadly, he did not remember me, or my boob. But we did get a great picture together.

Actually, there were a few other people in the room,

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But I like the first shot a little better.

Here are five fun facts I learned about my boy Zac Efron:

1) He plays Truth or Dare:

One brave blogger asked him about his love life. Well she actually asked him about his first love, as a connection to his character’s infatuation with Audrey in the movie, which I think caught him off guard. She asked, “You play this boy exploring his first love. What was your moment, your first love?

**“**I remember all of them, sort of.  I remember Truth or Dare, kiss-in-the-tree-fort days.

2) He’s romantic.

When asked,  **“**Have you ever done anything for a girl in order to win her over such as, a big grand gesture?” His response:

“I think if I do anything, I’m musically oriented and stuff like that, so I like to write songs or something like that, something that comes from the heart.  I like to paint and do stuff like that because then it’s personal.”

3) He loves his mom.

Somehow the conversation about romance steered towards his mom. I guess the subject of his mom was a little safer than the ground we were treading on.

“My mom really likes it when we write her. Honestly, I don’t care what you get my mom.  She doesn’t care about the present.  But, the card is huge to her and it’s so nice.  So, we try and put all of our love into it and tell her how much we love her into a card, and that’s the only thing she ends up keeping.  I mean, usually, everything else doesn’t matter.”

4) He wants to do more.

Many of our roundtable discussions with the cast and the film’s creators were about how this film raises awareness for environmental issues. Here is what Mr. Efron had to say about this subject.

**“**I always have this feeling in the back of my mind that I’m never doing enough, you know?  And it’s true.  It’s like you can never do enough. So, I was really searching for a way to get involved. What is the way I’m gonna jump in and how can I take charge and make a difference?  And that was one of the best parts about this movie is I feel like, finally, I’m representing a cause.  This is gonna plant those seeds out there. People are going to see this movie and maybe it’ll tip one or two people to become more green.”

5) He lets go.

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax was Zac’s first animated film, so of course we had to ask him what he thought of the process.

“It was fun.  I think the hardest part about it, and it’s just like anything else, is you’ve just got to let go.  You’ve got to be free. And the first two days I did it, you’re self-conscious.  There’s a camera in your face. You know you look like an idiot.  You’re saying ridiculous lines and making big hand gestures. Someone’s going to see this footage.”

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Well, he may have felt ridiculous in the studio, but rest assured, he is as darling in animation as he is in real life. For more on the film, check out my full review of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (P.S. There’s an awesome giveaway attached to the review, so don’t miss it!).

Love you, Zac! Can’t wait til our next rendezvous.