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February Love Mix - The Twilight Groove

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Kicking off our February series of love mixes is editor Carina. Check back every day through Valentine's Day for a new, surprising, and most of all, individual collection of love songs.

Robert Francis Nightfall

Robert Francis' Nightfall Album Cover

I’ve never been into traditional schmoopy, romantic love songs, so it’s no surprise that kicking off our February Love Mix series that I’d choose faster, darker, and more intense songs. Go ahead, put on the Twilight Groove and let the love wrap you up and spit you out.

(And yes, I'm reclaiming the word "twilight" from those sparkly, teenaged, not-really vampires.)

The Pixies - La La Love You

Robyn - Hang with Me

Brandon Flowers - Crossfire

Florence + the Machine - Cosmic Love

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