Extreme Coupon Boot Camp

I am utterly fascinated with Extreme Couponing on TLC. And maybe a tiny bit jealous. I crave my own stockpile.
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Some of the people featured on this show seem like they may be cut from the same cloth as the people on the show Hoarders.  For example, I was not impressed with the man who had no wife, girlfriend or daughter yet had filled his stockpile with feminine products.  Sir, there are people out there who actually need those.

I’ve also seen episodes where people leave the grocery store with 873 bottles of hot sauce and 295 packages of candy.  Now while that certainly would add to the stockpile, I wouldn’t exactly describe it as a nutritional haul.

But when you get past the tampon hoarders and the hot sauce obsessed, there are some truly amazing people on this show.

One episode featured an extreme couponer who coupons as a way to  donate to a local food bank.  She literally spent about $15 to donate over $1,500 worth of food.

Another episode showcased a soon to be second time dad who literally had a wall of diapers in all sizes stacked up in his basement.  I can change my newborn’s diaper three times before I even get away from the changing table.  And despite my best efforts and my daughter’s declaration that she is potty trained, I can assure you, this is not true.  Who knew that diapers could kick start my yearning for a stockpile?

Now I love a good coupon.  And while these people are dedicated to reading ad after ad and clipping hundreds of coupons a week, all I can say is that I read one weekly grocery store ad.  But let me tell you, when the buy one, get one deals kick in and you can buy two cases of Diet Coke and leave with two free cases of Diet Coke AND two free bags of chips, I leave the store with a little spring in my step.  Yes, I am aware that chips and Diet Coke are not a healthy snack.  But they are FREE, and maybe I just have a little bit of that coupon juice flowing through my veins.

My free chips and soda won’t win me a spot on this show, but it does inspire me to get a little better at this coupon business.  I have yet to find a store in the Bay Area that accepts double coupons…am I already destined to fail without double coupons?  Are any of you extreme couponers?  Pass on your tips and help hatch my stockpile!


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