Dreamathon Open One More Weekend!

Did you miss the Dreamathon at Granite High School last week? You’ve got another chance to experience it!
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Haven’t heard about it yet? Check it out:

The Dreamathon is an interactive experience and exhibit aimed at empowering kids to pursue their dreams and realize their potential. The Dream Team turned Granite High School, a once vacant, century-old Salt Lake City High School into a rallying point and gathering place for the community, open for daily school field trips, evening public events, and keynote speakers. They have transformed once locker-lined hallways into a tangible dream world, full of murals, installations and interactive experiences. During the week of May 19-24 they were able to bring in over 2,500 elementary students (grades 3-5) and 8,000 members of the community.

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They had such a great response that they’ve extended for one more weekend (May 30th – 31st)

Instagram: #dreamathon

Get more info on The Dreamathon HERE.

See you there!

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Girl's Weekend

What every girl needs at least a couple of times a year is a good girls weekend. You know - a chance to get away, be completely silly, get nowhere near enough sleep, eat junk and relax away from ‘normal’ life. It’s good for the soul and of course you can justify to your husbands that it will make you a happier gal for the next little while, and you know the saying – when mom’s not happy…no-one is!