Downtown Salt Lake Harmons Open

After the Gateway opened in 2001, downtown Salt Lake gradually became a ghost town.

And then in recent years with the Downtown Rising project, Salt Lake became a construction zone. Last week the first fruit of this five year construction project had its grand opening. And it really is grand.

t’s Harmons City Creek. A neighborhood two-story grocery store in downtown Salt Lake with parking in the sky rise above the store.

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After having spent the past five years eating with construction workers at the only open McDonald’s, downtown Salt Lake employees are flocking to this new Harmons. It’s like the Nordstroms of grocery stores with Chinese food, salad bars, bakeries, delicatessens, and plush dining facilities.

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This is only the first of many beautiful plans Downtown Rising has to wake up our fair city. Did you know that the open air shopping area planned for downtown will have a retractable roof for days when the weather is not so lovely?

Even the Gateway can’t do that.