Documenting the Everyday Moments in Your Child’s Life

Documenting the Everyday Moments in Your Child’s Life
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So many times I hear people talking about how they need to scrapbook last years photos from Christmas or get moving on organizing photos from Easter, or get moving on creating pages relating to numerous other holidays and/or family get togethers.  While that’s fantastic (I scrapbook those events too) why not step outside the traditional milestones and events and just have some fun scrapping those everyday little moments or memories?  You know you have them…everyone does and sometimes they end up being the moments that you may want to remember the most and if not recorded, they might get lost down the road of time.

For this layout I used photos of my daughter wearing her favorite leopard costume that she got in the mail from my grandmother…it was a total surprise and it wasn’t even Halloween which made it all the more exciting.  Now with this page, I’ll always remember how my grandmother would now and again send special little things my daughter’s way and so will my daughter once she’s older.

Perhaps you and your child(ren) have  a special tradition that’s all yours that’s not connected to any specific holiday…it’s just something that you’ve done and stuck with.  Before my daughter started all day Kindergarten she was home with me on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from Pre-K.  I started making her waffles for breakfast on Thursday’s and pretty soon it became “our thing” to do and we made sure to not miss one Thursday because I knew that the following year she wouldn’t be home and we would miss that time together…it was our special thing and she would wake up in the morning’s asking for her Thursday waffles.  The layout below celebrates that.

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Perhaps their is a conversation that was had that was meaningful to you in some way, shape or form…get it down on a layout so that it’s there for the long term.  It will give your child insight to what it was that you were thinking and give a little glimpse of how you viewed parenting.  I remember a conversation that I had with an older woman once while shopping at a grocery store who commented on my daughter’s love of playing with trains rather that dolls (this was when she was a toddler) and I initially felt a little thrown aback when the older woman patted my shoulder re-assuring me that it was “alright” that my little girl played with trains instead of dolls like it wasn’t the best thing in the world for her to be doing.  I created a layout around this conversation expressing that it IS alright for her to play with trains and that she can be who she is regardless and at any age.  I remember this layout being almost therapeutic at the time of my creating it.

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Perhaps these ideas while spur you on to get creating some layouts based around the everyday moments that you and your child(ren) have together.  They are after all, what makes up most of your days…why not celebrate and honor them by scrapbooking and preserving memories based around them!


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