Disney’s DVD Replacement Program

Disney’s DVD Replacement Program
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I don’t know about you but my four year old twins LOVE to help put the DVDs in the player when we have movie night.  Unfortunately they aren’t always the most careful and sometimes end up scratching the disc.  My son’s favorite DVD, Cars, is in pretty poor shape and skips in one spot every time we watch it.  We have a BluRay DVD player so replacing that DVD with a new one would normally cost me $25, but not with Disney’s DVD replacement program.  I can now get that replaced for $6.95!

I never knew this program existed, but was so happy to find out it did.  If you have a damaged disc, simply fill out Disney’s Disc Replacement form and send the disc, form and $6.95 in for a replacement.

This is good on regular and BluRay DVDs.  You are only allowed one replacement disc a year and they say it takes 4-6 weeks to get back.  We just sent our disc in and I’m hoping they’re quicker than that, but just had to include the standard legal 4-6 week blurb.  Even if it does take that long though it’s still worth it to have my son’s favorite DVD back in working condition!

If you’re planning any summer trips, check those DVDs now and send them in if they need to be replaced.  It might be a long car ride if you child’s favorite movie keeps skipping, lol.