Disney Limited Edition Princess Dolls

On October 17th, I was one of many who decided to get up super early and head out to Stonebriar Mall.
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I arrived at 4:30 and ran to the Disney Store where I was number 18 in line for Disney’s Limited Edition Designer Dolls.

Most people camped out the night before, but since I was told they were not allowing that, I decided to just get there super early (so much for following the rules).  The things we do for the “it” thing.

What is the big deal about these dolls?  They are limited edition.  There were only 4,000-8,000 of each made.  They are collector dolls who are in their own display cases.  Disney Store was releasing each of the 9 dolls separately, one each Monday.  The first two, Cinderella and Ariel, didn’t sell quickly until people saw how much they were going for on Ebay.  Then the craziness began.  All of a sudden there were lines every Monday morning.  Everyone wanted these dolls.

After the release of 4 dolls, they realized there were a lot of upset people.  Too many people waiting in lines or on line and still not getting the doll.  So, to help it out, Disney Store released the last 5 dolls on the same day.  I’m not real sure how that was supposed to fix anything, but that is why I was with all the other crazy people in front of the Disney Store on Monday.

I was the last one in line that was able to get the last 5 dolls.  The lady behind me got 4, and the guy behind her got 3.  The last people in line either just got one doll or a sad piece of paper that explained how terribly sorry they were that they missed out.

I thought waiting in the freezing cold for silly Zhu Zhu pets was crazy.  I think this took the cake.  And at $60 a pop, I must be insane.

Curious about what these dolls are all about?  Go to Ebay and type in Disney Designer Dolls.  Got a few hundred dollars?  Geeesh!  Insanity!