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Dinner and a Movie at iPic Theaters

If you are looking for something a little bit unique to do with your loved one this Valentine’s Day, I’ve got you covere

You absolutely must experience dinner and a movie at iPic Theaters in Fairview.  I promise – it’s not your typical movie experience!

With a decidedly adult atmosphere (we all love our kids, but sometimes it’s nice to go on a date and, you know, not be surrounded by kids!), iPic Theaters is your one-stop-date-shop.  Delicious dining, movie theaters and a bar (for those who are so inclined) – all under one roof!

When my husband and I get the chance to go on a real date, we always speak wistfully of doing dinner and a movie – but the reality is, we don’t always have time to drive to a restaurant, eat, drive to a movie theater, watch a movie, and drive home.  That’s, like, a 5 hour date!

iPic Theaters has solved this problem, though…you can enjoy dinner (a fancy, chef-prepared one, at that) in the comfort of a reclining chair – with a table and drink holder attached – while you watch the movie you’ve been dying to see.  Depending on where you’re seated (and you buy tickets in advance, so you can choose your seats), you’ll be waited on and even have a blanket and a pillow to use while you’re watching your movie!

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After the movie, a full-service bar with a nice place to lounge, pool tables, and flat-screen TVs provides entertainment – all in a clean, comfortable and fun setting.

This is my kind of place – dinner *and* a movie, and maybe a quiet glass of wine afterward, and we’re still home by bedtime (close enough, anyway!).

This is not like a normal movie theater.  You’ll need to buy your tickets (and pick out your seats) in advance.  If you buy your tickets too late, you might end up sitting in front, as I did last time.  If you sit in front, you won’t have a server for dinner – but you can still buy your food and drinks and bring them in with you (and to be honest, we sat pretty close and I was surprised at how easy it was to see – I am the person who always sits up high in the theaters).  Ticket prices include popcorn, so that’s a bonus, too.

The food is delicious.  I had an artisan cheese pizza and it was pretty much amazing – you can definitely expect something fancier than old hot dogs and stale nachos.

Valentine’s Day will be here soon, but in my book, iPic Theaters is the place to go for many Mommy-Daddy date nights to come!


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