Daphne: Obsession of Little Boys Everywhere

Daphne: Obsession of Little Boys Everywhere
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Over the past several weeks, I’ve been troubled and depressed about the rash of suicides of young people across the country linked to homophobic bullying.  But just when I’d given up on humanity, along comes a viral tidal wave of support for a Bible Belt mommy blogger’s rant defending her cross-dressing 5 year old son from cruel and narrow-minded mothers.  Nerdy Apple Bottom (great name, btw) was thrust into the national spotlight just a few days ago after penning a thoughtful and inspiring blog post about her son wanting to dress as Daphne for Halloween.

My first thought was, “WOW, good for her. I can only hope that I will one day be able to stand up for my child(ren) in such a brave and heartfelt way.”

My second thought was, “What is it with Daphne?”

PHOTO CREDIT:Nerdy Apple Bottom