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Daniel Tiger’s Mom Is a Total Bada$$, Just Like the Rest of Us

Daniel Tiger always has a life lesson ready for us. This time, it's all about today's mama.
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The latest season of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is pretty similar to previous seasons in a lot of ways. It’s long been a powerful tool (a la Mr. Roger’s) for small children to learn important life lessons about their emotions, families, and even society—all packed into powerful 11-minute episodes on PBS.

But one big change is coming in season 4, and I think today’s mamas are going to like it.

Mom Tiger is headed back to work.

For the first three seasons of the show, Mom Tiger was at home to take care of Daniel and his little sister, but the time has come for her to head back to…the office?


Because Mom Tiger isn’t your stereotypical TV mom. She’s a mom in 2018, which—given the purpose of the show—means she needs to represent to our kids what motherhood looks like today. And it’s not as simple or as narrow as a standard office job. (Which, I’ll admit, was my first guess when I heard Mom Tiger was giving up her SAHM status.)

But Mom Tiger ain’t about to be typecast. She’s going back to her job as a builder.

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That’s right. She’s strong, she’s creative, and she’s rocking a male-dominated career path.

I love that our kids are not only having their normal lives reflected in what they see on television, but it is being coupled with impactful lessons about how to handle those situations in a positive way. In Mom Tiger’s back-to-work debut episode, Daniel learns to use his imagination and not rely on a parent or technology to entertain him all the time, which is major skill that’s tough to come by in today’s society.

So, keep it coming, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. We’re grateful you’re helping feed our kids’ minds the good stuff!

BONUS: We sat down with Angela Santomero, creator of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and other shows like Blue's Clues, and Super Why! Check out our podcast interview with herHERE!

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