Dallas TV Show – It’s Back

The soap opera, Dallas, is back with new faces and more confusing plots to follow!
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I grew up on this stuff as a kid and am beyond excited it’s back. Yes, the characters aren’t as interesting with Pam gone (who by the way was killed off years ago) and the two elder Ewings, Jock and Miss Ellie.  But it’s still a show I look forward to watching when not distracted by J.R.’s brows.

Now that I live in Dallas, I love recognizing familiar locations (American Airlines Center, Cowboys Stadium and Southfork Ranch). I can’t help but proud to be from Texas. Heck, I even bought my first pair of boots.

Try to catch the show, it airs on TNT and follow along with me! If you’re up for it, take a tour of the real Southfork Ranch.

– Cool Playground Mommy


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