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Countdown To Solar Eclipse

The Annular Solar Eclipse is this Sunday, May 20th! Are you ready?!
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The eclipse will be view-able from most places in Utah, but the best spot is in a small, Southern Utah town called Kanarraville. People from Arizona, California, Oregon and all over the United States to view the eclipse in its prime viewing spot of Kanarraville.

Here are a few ways to prepare your family for this rare event:

Visit the Clark Planetarium

Entrance is free, and they have a great display telling you all about eclipses. Make sure you learn about annular eclipses, as this is what we will be experiencing on Sunday.

Prepare your eyes

The Clark Planetarium has solar viewing glasses for only $2. This is the best and easiest way to watch the eclipse.

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Pinhole Projector

This is a fun family project to get ready and excited for the eclipse. The Clark Planetarium has information on their website of how to make it.

The Salt Lake Astronomical Society also has valuable information, and will be in Southern Utah for this great event.

Read more about the Solar Eclipse in Utah May 20th 2012.


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