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Children’s Clothes Consignment Sales in Knoxville

This weekend there are two huge consignment sales for children’s clothes, maternity wear and toys in Knoxville.
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Both are located on the west side off of Kingston Pike.

Duck Duck Goose started yesterday and continues through March 15, 2010. They are located off of Kingston Pike across the street from the West Town Mall in the old Kmart location. They are open 10am-8pm each day, but closed Sunday. Monday is the half-off sale.

My friends and I went on Thursday to this sale. We were impressed by the amazingly huge selection of clothes, toys, strollers, maternity clothes and the like. It was almost overwhelming to me, though. And the lines were incredibly long. Trying to take my girls to the bathroom we couldn’t find a single way without cutting through the line at least twice. I don’t know exactly, but I would guess it took a couple hours to wait in the line. One friend tried the express line. The other friend and I gave up and went to lunch. We never did hear from our friend about how long she waited and we didn’t catch up with her again that day. We took our kids and there’s no way we could have survived that line with them. So if you brave this sale, leave the kids at home!

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Jack and Jules started yesterday and runs through Saturday, March 13. The are located in the old Goody’s store at 180 N. Peters Road. They are also open 10am-8pm. If you shop today , Friday Mar 12, from 12-4pm 5% of sales will go to benfit East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

We were so overwhelmed after the first place and our kids were exhausted so we opted out of visiting this sale. After reading their Facebook page, I’m sorry we did. People are reporting great deals and super fast lines. I wish we had gone there first!

Both these sales occur in the Spring and the Fall. I look forward to trying again next time. Good luck if you venture out. I’d love to know what deals you found!