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Chatting with Disney’s Imagination Mover Rich Collins

DC Mama chats to Rich Collins of the Imagination Movers. Here how he juggles parenthood (Rich is a father of five!) and making music.
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Guest Post from Teia Collier:

Last week, I sat down with Rich Collins to talk about life, parenthood, and all that's new with the Imagination Movers. The happy father of 5 was in Louisiana, playing with his newest addition, nine-month old Hank, while on break from shooting the hit show Imagination Movers on Playhouse Disney. They have a special new episode with some new rockin’ songs coming up on Saturday, March 21.

DCMama: Hi Rich, it’s been a long while since we met at the White House Easter Egg Roll. With so much new going on, would you share a little about the Movers show on Playhouse Disney?

Rich: No problem. The show is designed to encourage kids towards creativity. The show features 4 musical friends who work together to musically have adventures, solve problems, model teamwork and respect for friends and inspire creativity and innovation.

DCM: It’s definitely a Saturday morning favorite at my house. I love to see my little ones singing along and rockin’ it to music. How do you come up with songs that kids and adults both love?

Rich: That’s awesome. We love to get email and feedback from viewers. (Sweetly enough, they still respond to every letter--so drop them a line.) Actually, we write and play all of our own music. A lot of it comes from the things we experience as everyday dads, like someone being scared of the dark, sharing with your siblings and cleaning up your room. To have our music connect with people is really neat.

DCM: So what’s new with The Imagination Movers?

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Rich: It’s a great season for us. We’ve got a giant tidal waves of activities, including shooting the upcoming second season of the show with 25 new episodes, cool improvements to the show and just some all-around good things. One neat thing is that we are wrapping up our first soundtrack [a May Target exclusive] of about 20 songs from the first season of the show, called For Those About To Hop and a DVD from the same season.

DCM : All Good Things. We loved your live show. Will y’all be coming back to town anytime soon?

Rich: Actually in the Fall, we will be starting our first big US tour, hitting major theatres around the country. We are bound to be somewhere in the DC area.

DCM: Well keep us posted. We would love to rock out again. With so much going on, how do you balance the demands of a booming career and fatherhood?

Rich: I won’t lie--it’s a hard balance. We’ve got 4 guys having the adventure of our lives, and everything else keeps going--like the carpool, laundry, etc. Sometimes the burden falls on our wives, and they do the best they can. One thing that really works in our favor is the ebb and flow of the business. Sometimes we are very available, but then sometimes we are not. But something I really value is showing kids how you can use your imagination and follow through with your dreams to create a job that you really want to do and love to do. Not just sitting behind some desk because you think you have to.

DCM: I can totally agree with that. It sounds like all good things are on the horizon for The Movers. We look forward to seeing where The Movers go from here. I hear Henry calling. Thanks for spending time with us!

To hear more of The Imagination Movers music, visit and to see the hit show, that has become a family favorite in our house, check them out on Playhouse Disney.


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