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Carey Hart And Pink Are Crushing The Mom And Dad Life

And if I ever find out they drive a minivan, my life will be complete.
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Look, it's been a slow weekend as far as celebrity happenings are concerned (I keep my ear to the ground on these things mmkeh?), but praise the LORT for Pink and Carey Hart for the gifts they continue to give, and I'm not talking about neck or knuckle tattoos even though I can appreciate those gifts too.

I'm talking about the adorable family photo op Hart posted a few days ago of the entire fam, including Willow and Jameson. I mean, c'mon, the CUTENESS!

I've had a low key crush on this entire family for a while now, they're living a blessedly conventional life in the middle of all their unconventional-ness, and I'm super into it.

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